Produced on the basis of natural stone adding a small amount of polyester resin as the binder . Conglomerates are very durable materials in diverse and reproducible color. Homogeneity of color allows reproduction of designs and colors, which is their main asset. Because of the exceptional strength and abrasion resistance these materials are used for the production of indoor window sills, countertops, stairs or internal parts of the façade offered by our company.



Marble is the most commonly used natural stone in the interiors. It is characterized by beautiful, slightly diffuse colors, often interspersed with streaks and ribbons. Due to its exceptionally nice look it is widely used in construction. It is more delicate than granite and rarely used outside. We successfully use this impressive stone for the production of window sills, countertops, cladding facades and fireplaces, floor panels, interior stairs and internal wall panels.



Granite is one of the most well-known stones in the world. It is fully formed by nature what makes it unique and special (lack of reproducibility due to the unique structure and vascularity is worth paying attention to while ordering the products). Thanks to the durability and resistance to all weather conditions and functionality it is widely used both inside and outside of the buildings. Depending on the application (window sills, stairs, countertops, facade elements, tiles, etc.) we offer products made of granite in several types of surface procession: polished, flamed or brushed.




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