ISO 9001
ISO 9001 is a norm accepted and recognized worldwide. With the highest international standards in 2002, we have implemented a Quality Management System in the field of general and industrial construction, production and sales of window sills, flashings and building profiles.
The customer’s satisfaction and providing the highest quality are inextricably linked. Trust that the customer has for the company is the highest value. By implementing the Quality Management System our main goal of the whole project was the customer’s satisfaction. The requirements of the Quality Management System show that each element of the company influences the degree of the customer’s satisfaction. This is because the solution of QMS deals with a wide range of activities, starting with the first communication, through the sale to the final realization of the contract.
ISO 9001 certification is a guarantee of the manufacturer credibility for the customer.

Quality Policy

The most important goal of our company is to ensure that our trademark inspires confidence, and the constant increase of orders has provided our company with development and a permanent place in the local market of the construction industry. Working on the realization of our goals we supply modern construction technologies, which are fully satisfy and meet the ambitions of our clients. We are flexible with the terms of their requirements and expectations. We fully execute the regulations of the contract, and agreed technical commitments on time. We use the products and services from reliable suppliers and subcontractors to provide the highest quality product. We understand that for the development of our company, it is important to supervise the processes which influence the quality, hence our effort to maintain and improve the management system. We care about our employees, because thanks to them we accomplish the quality and reach our goals. We motivate and inspire them for constant improvement. We want everyone to identify the successful company with the personal success. Happy and satisfied customers are the most important criteria of our development and reaching the goals.