We produce ready-mixed concrete from ingredients of the highest quality, according to the current European standards. Ready-mixed concrete is manufactured in a modern a concrete mixing plant, in which the computer control allows you to minimize the impact of the so-called "human factor" on the product being manufactured.

We produce concrete in the following grades (classes):
C8 / 10, C12 / 15, C16 / 20, C20 / 25, C25 / 30, C30 / 37, C35 / 45, C40 / 50, C45 / 55, C50 / 60.

We ensure delivery of concrete by our own concrete haulers and there is a possibility of unloading by means of a pump. Other types of concrete can be produced on a customized order. You can also purchase the concrete with the addition of anti-freeze as well as the micro-hydro steel and polypropylene. In addition, we offer different types of substructures

We care not only about the quality of raw materials and ready-made products, but also about the environment. To minimize nuisance to the environment, we keep the tightness of all dispensing equipment controlled, and production takes place in a closed circuit. Recycling equipment, used at the factory, allows the segregation of unused concrete aggregate and water, which are used for the re-production.

Pavement quality concrete is used for road construction. By using admixtures of aeration it has increased frost resistance and absorbency characteristics which have a big impact on its durability.
Pavement quality concrete is used in the construction of concrete pavements, car parks, bus turnouts, etc.

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