Close-knit team testifies the strength of the company… In the early years of our activity, the entire team was just a handful of people, today we employ over 130 workers, we cooperate with many companies, without which stable functioning of the company would be impossible. On the 23rd of June we have organized the second anniversary party, during which the company's management thanked the employees, subcontractors and their families, in other words all those who contributed to the success of our company. The employees with longer working experience were thanked in a special way.

We are pleased to announce the implementation of the investment related to the construction of multi-family residential buildings in Jana Ostroroga Str., Leszno. The end of the first phase of the building – the construction of apartment building #1 is scheduled for the end of this year. The second block of flats will be put into service in autumn 2018. The investor is the company K2 Nieruchomości Sp. z o.o.

20 years have passed like one day… The beginning of the AMBIT company go back to the mid 90th – when two young and ambitious friends decided to start their own company. AMBIT started its life on March 27, 1997, at first as a civil law partnership. Many factors have contributed to the fact that AMBIT has developed very dynamically and omni-directionally. There's no use denying that the reality surpassed the original plans and dreams of the company owners - Jarosław Dawidziak and Mariusz Stajer.

Last Sunday we had the pleasure of organizing the 2nd edition of the Duda-Cars Half Marathon in Leszno and actively supporting its participants. Following the footsteps of the first edition the jogging route led through the streets of the city and consisted of two loops and its length was exactly 21,097 km. The final number of the race participants counted 653 people.

We have started the implementation of the investment for the BAYLEG Company Investor - the scope of investments is the construction of a high-storage hall in Ziemnice near Legnica.

On February, 16 the gala of his year’s edition of the competition “Business Ideas” took place. Endorsing the promotion of entrepreneurial attitude among young people, we are eager to support this initiative.

On Saturday 18.02 the succeeding 7th edition of Mountain Run Leszno - Grzybowo was held. We actively support the event in cooperation with the organizers - Leszno marathon runners and run lovers.
We warmly welcome you to participate in subsequent editions of the event, which popularity increases every year.

One more stage of constructing the apartment house in Skarbowa Str., Leszno is behind us - the roof of the garage hall has been concreted.

We are pleased to inform you that we have started the implementation of the investment for the Motorpol Wroclaw company. The task is to build a complex of car salons with mechanic and tinsmith car service, paint shop, car wash, spare parts warehouse and the underground storage of cars in Francuska str., Wroclaw.

Extension of warehouse for Investor Radaway Sp. o.o. in Jasin near Swarzędz has been started.